[testimonialgroup anim=”” nav=”true” auto=”true” interval=”3000″][/testimonialgroup][fullbg scrollspeed=”0.6″ bgimage=”217″ bgrepeat=”no-repeat” custompadding=”60″ notopborder=”notopborder” nobottomborder=”nobottomborder” autoplay=”true” loop=”true” mute=”true” showcontrols=”true” height=”300″ quality=”default”][tblock title=”Testimonials” sectext=”Hear What Our Customers Are Saying” tag=”h2″ tcuscolor=”#000000″][testimonialgroup nav=”true” auto=”true” interval=”3000″][testimonial title=”Mary R. ” company=”Orlando, Fl” photo=”221″ position=”05/24/12″]Prime Electrical called me about 10 minutes after I submitted my Service Magic request and scheduled a time to come review the project. It took a few days to get the quote, which was fine because I wanted to get multiple quotes. Of the 3 companies I contacted, 1 never called me back, 1 gave me a ridculously high quote, and Prime Electical gave me a very reasonable quote. Once we decided to go with them, they were very prompt in scheduling the time to do the work. Their work was fantastic – better than we expected. We even had them do another project for us, which was done promptly and at a very reasonable cost. I HIGHLY recommend them![/testimonial][testimonial title=”Robert R.” company=”Clermont, FL” photo=”221″ position=”11/16/11″] Install Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures – For Business.
Was able to fix the problem, polite and makes sure the job is complete before presenting an invoice.[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Customer Review” company=”Orlando, Fl” photo=”221″ position=”05/16/12″]The Tech for Prime was Scott. He was professional friendly and helpful. Prime provided me a phone quote only minutes after I submitted my request on-line. Once on-site Scott determined that we could not complete the work as quoted due to location of my electrical panel. Having had this work quoted in the pass I found the new quote to be very reasonable. The work was complete in 1 day and there were know cost over runs. I am very happy with both his company and this service.[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Gail R.” company=”Maitland, FL” photo=”221″ position=”07/29/10″]”Very professional, came on-time as agreed and Danny went above and beyond the call of duty to help fix a myriad of problems…he is knowledgeable and a definite “keeper” for Prime Electrical. He is returning next week to continue some projects – the cost of the fans installed, a kitchen ballast installed and other items was less than having someone come in and install two fans. Since their rate is 1.5 hours @ one price and then less for next hour, it was super reasonable for quality received. Plus, once you are an established customer, the rate is lower. But the service and care is still superior. G .Remp in Maitland, FL.”[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Tom G.” company=”Orlando, Fl” photo=”221″ position=”07/27/10″]”Most important, they came out quickly, very professional. Worked to coordinate their work schedule with my tenants and with the power company… I am not located in the same city as my rental unit, so their ability to keep on top of the job was greatly appreciated. I will use them again and they have my highest recommendation.”[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Rui yuan C.” company=”Orlando, Fl” photo=”221″ position=”06/20/10″]”I was overall impressed with the work. Good explanation on the work done and attention to detail. Will go to the same pro again.”[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Diane T.” company=”Kissimmee, FL” photo=”221″ position=”08/20/09″]”This is the type of electrical contractors you want to have…after initially misdiagnosing the cause of the outlet outage problem, the owner slmost immediately took the necessary steps to resolve the situation, which they did in a quite professional and acceptable manner. Bottom Line…you can trust this electrical contractor to get the job done and leave the customer satisfied. My parents and I were quite impressedwith their customer service in fixing the electrical problem and reaching resolution. I would gladly call upon them again.
“[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Howard L.” company=”Orlando, Fl” photo=”221″ position=”08/13/09″]Upgrade an Electrical Panel or Wiring.
Fast and the fairly priced.[/testimonial][/testimonialgroup][/fullbg]

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